Frequently Asked Questions

What is is Ireland's competitions website!  We're like a 'search engine' for competitions in Ireland (and abroad if Irish people can win them), and it is our mission to gather the biggest list of great competitions you can imagine.  We're also dedicated to securing great prizes for Exclusive competitions which appear on only.  These can range from weekend holiday breaks, to CDs, to beauty treatments - you name it, we're going to do our best to get great prizes for you to win!

How can I enter the competitions?

It depends on the competition 😊

  1. If the competition is hosted with one of our partners (for example,, just click the big 'Enter Competition' button on their competition page, and you'll be brought to their website.  Don't worry, we'll 'frame' their website for you so you get a handy toolbar at the top of your browser so you can easily get back to us once you're done.
  2. If it's a Facebook competition, you'll enter in the same way as before, but you won't get the handy toolbar (boo hoo!).
  3. If it's an exclusive competition here on, you'll find an entry form at the bottom of the competition page.  You'll simply have to answer a multiple choice question (or questions) to enter - just make sure you've filled out your address, gender, and date of birth your profile page, otherwise you will not be eligible to enter.

Some competitions are hosted on other sites - what's the deal here?

Online publishers can submit their competitions to our database for inclusion.  Not all of them get accepted - we do our best to filter out the not so great competitions!  We are not responsible for any content on external sites.

What happens when I Join for Free?

When you join, you are immediately signed up for our weekly 'Be in it to Win It' newsletter, featuring the best new competitions that week.  We also give you a handy user profile on - you can log in and use this to post on our messageboards, enter member only competitions, and much more.

What does 'Login with Facebook' mean?

When you click the big 'Login with Facebook' button, we simply use a feature called 'Facebook Connect' - created by Facebook - to sign you into the site quickly and easily.  That way you don't have to remember yet another username and password, and it makes it even faster for you to sign in and win.  In case you're wondering, Facebook Connect is totally hosted on Facebook's servers, so you can be assured your data is safe with them.

I just saw a great competition on another site I think you should feature.  How can I add it to

It's easy!  Whether you'd like to add a competition which is hosted on your own website, or you'd like to add one you've seen on another website, simply visit our 'Add A Competition' page, submit the details, and we'll get it added to the site in a jiffy!  You can add as many as you like but please, please don't get spammy on us and submit the same thing a few times over.

How do you lot make money?

We do various things to pay our bills.  We use third party advertising networks to serve you relevant advertisements, we get paid a commission by some of our partners, and some other stuff too.